Addwise Consulting | IT Assessment, Cyber Security Karachi
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IT Infrastructure Assessment

IT Infrastructure Audit and Assessment provides detailed and in-depth information to help the organization plan a strategy for smart IT investment. The weaknesses identified by the assessment can be helpful in developing a road-map for improvement in technology and processes.


Our Baseline Assessment will be helpful in identifying and rectification of issue leading to improvement in Performance, Reliability, and Security. Thus allowing organizations to grow without any fear of IT Failures, Security Breaches, and Disasters.


By identifying the weaknesses in existing IT systems and understanding of future business requirements, we can help organizations develop a road-map for future.


Our services reduce IT headaches, risks and optimize operations and investment.


For specific information about our services, please click on the services below or select our services brochure from DOWNLOAD section of our website and contact us for MORE INFORMATION.


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Data Center Services

Data Center Baseline Assessment

DC Detailed Components Review

DC Operations and Maintenance Review

Network(s) Services

Design and Performance Assessment of Fiber and UTP Cabling System

High level Design of Active Network

Internal Wifi Survey & Design

Outdoor Wireless Network Design

Assessment of LAN Design, Performance and Security

WAN Design Assessment

Internet Connectivity Assessment

Wifi Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment of Devices

Servers and Storage

Asset Profile Development

Assessment of Security and Availability

Vulnerability Assessment of Servers and Devices

End-user Devices

Policies and SOP for Devices

Review of Usage and Performance

Review of Data Protection and Security

Physical & Environment Assessment

Physical Access Control

CCTV Monitoring

Monitoring & Logging


Monitoring of Environment and Security

Monitoring of Networks

Monitoring of Systems