Addwise Consulting | IT Assessment Pakistan, Cyber Security, IT Audit
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Established in 1990, AddWise is the pioneer in the field of computer networking. The organization now provides consultancy services for IT Infrastructure and Information Security.

The company has successfully completed various IT infrastructure and information security projects in Hospitals, Automobile Industries, Insurance Companies, Pharmaceuticals, Stocks brokers, Sugar Mills, and other national and multinational organizations.

Acquiring the services of a consultant is an appropriate initiative when the organization plans major investment to revamp an existing IT infrastructure or build a new infrastructure from scratch. Consultants are usually hired for a short period of time, such as for a few months, just to implement the project, and thus, they do not become a permanent liability after the project completion.  The cost of the consultancy is actually an investment that customer makes to acquire services that simply payback by avoiding expensive mistakes and redoing of work.

For specific information about our services, please click on the services below or select our services brochure from DOWNLOAD section of our website and contact us for MORE INFORMATION.