Cyber Security Experts Since 1990 | Addwise Consulting
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Prevent Downtime and Disasters of IT systems.

Our assessment services will identify the weaknesses of IT systems and operations that can cause downtime and disasters


Secure your Network and Servers from Internal & External Hackers

Protect your Data and Prevent unauthorized access to Networks, Systems, and Applications by implementing Multilayered Security.


Manage IT for better results and ROI

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Risk by developing and implementing IT Policies, Formal Procedures (SOP) and assigning responsibilities through clear Job Descriptions (JD) and Professional Trainings.


Proactive IT Assessment can prevent problems

Data Center and Networks gets obsolete in few years and develop Performance, Reliability and Security Issues. An independent review provides valuable information to fine tune and upgrade.


Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a growing concern not only for the IT department but also for the top management in organizations. Questions are raised in board meetings about the status of information security implementation and assurance. We have solutions to help IT department in responding to these questions.

Continuity of Business Operations

Continuity of Business Operations depends upon availability and acceptable performance of IT services. Our solutions help IT department in improving infrastructure and operational practices to meet business demands and prevent disasters.



IT infrastructure

Our assessment services provide insight into IT infrastructure and identifying vulnerabilities in technologies and processes. Thus helps IT department in proactively preventing possible downtime and disasters.