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IT Management

14 May

IT Management

Managing IT system and services is a much more complex task than managing any other department. This is because it involves an understanding of the entire business operation and their needs, and converts them into technological requirements.

Failure of IT services can cause failure of business operations in all other departments. IT systems and process facilitate business operation across the entire organization, and thus the IT becomes a business backbone and not just another service department.

Management of IT starts with the development of strategy and policies that are aligned with business strategy and operational requirements.

Day-to-day operations, technical support, development of new applications and adding more services are also part of the planning and managing information technology and systems.

Management of IT needs to be done in a proactive way to enhance services to business and prevent downtime and disaster.

Technology downtime and destruction of data contribute to losses in revenue to an organization and their clients and partners. Such downtime can easily damage the reputation and trust of customers and increases legal liabilities.

Technology is growing exponentially and offering smart and efficient business tools to you and your competitors. You need to stay ahead to get competitive business advantages.

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Some of the mandatory requirements for effective and efficient management of IT department are the development and implementation of:

  • IT Policy
  • IT Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • IT Organizational Structure
  • Segregation of duties in IT team
  • Job Description (JD) for IT team